New- ICI & IGNTU announces admission to 3-Year BBA in Culinary Art Program. Entrance Exam on 19th May 2019. Last date to apply online 7th May 2019. Click Here To Apply Online

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The main objective of setting up of the Indian Culinary Institute (ICI) is to institutionalize a mechanism to support efforts intended to preserve, document, promote and disseminate Indian Cuisine, meet the sectoral requirement of specialists specific to Indian Cuisine, as also of promoting Cuisine as a Niche Tourism product.

The ICIs will be Centres of Excellence which will offer structured regular programmes of study specific to culinary arts and culinary management leading to graduate and post graduate level degrees, promote research and innovation, organize demand driven certificate and diploma courses, document and create data base specific to Indian cuisine and commission studies and survey on cuisine.

The need for ICI was felt as the formal education specific to Indian cuisine, a culinary art, with pan India sweep is conspicuous by its absence. There is no regular credible institutional source at apex level for supply of cuisine specialists to the Sector. Also, there was no institutional mechanism to document and disseminate knowedge related to cuisine and gastronomy.

In India, at present, there is a dearth of state-of-the-art training ground to groom top-of-the-line chefs of international standards. To fill this void, the Indian Culinary Institute would provide the appropriate training platform at par with the elite “Chef Schools” functioning in different parts of the developed world.


ICI and IGNTU announces admission to 3-Year BBA in Culinary Art Program at ICI Tirupati and Noida campuses with an intake of 60 students in each campus.
Online application from 16 May 2018.
Last date of online application is 15 June 2018.
Entrance Exam on 1st July 2018.